Communication, accountability, and engagement are all incredibly engagement for effective coaching and the results your clients want to see – which is why video coaching has exploded in popularity.

With explanatory visuals, overviews, and custom content, videos on coaching can help clients maximize their learning both between and during sessions. With video conferencing apps, professionals can stay up-to-date with their performance and improvement.

These are a few of the best tools available in 2021 to help you improve the way you support clients along every stage of their coaching journey, from goal-setting to between-session learning.

Video Coaching Explained

Like digital health, video coaching uses virtual to enrich a client’s experience and help them achieve their goals more effectively.

It can cover learning content delivered through video media – from one-off lessons to complete courses – as well as videoconferencing tools that support one-on-one interactions between a coach and their client.

Video tech can be an effective, highly affordable, yet very personal and engaging way for clients and coaches to interact.

For example, a health coach or fitness trainer might recommend tailored exercises, using physical therapy software to share videos of specific exercises and key tips. Similarly, a wellness or mental health coach might use videos to demonstrate meditation techniques or deliver psychoeducational content on conditions, symptoms, and management.

How It Works

By uploading custom media or choosing from a predesigned catalog of relevant, niche-specific content, video coaches can deliver learning materials in a way that’s convenient, cost-effective, and efficient.

But one-way delivery isn’t the only way professionals use video coaching apps to help clients learn, improve, and develop.

Video coaching can also involve:

  • Client video uploads, where coachees capture footage of themselves to share with their coaches for feedback and advice
  • Bespoke coaching programs, which combine different forms of multimedia to deliver personalized programs of exercises, quizzes, and reading material alongside video
  • Private, secure communications, for example, a coach and their client might exchange engaging video messages in place of emails or texts, while some platforms offer the added confidentiality of HIPAA-compliance, and
  • Live Videoconferencing, for real-time meetings or catch-ups between sessions.

Video technologies can be an effective, highly affordable, yet very personal and engaging way for clients and coaches to interact, helping professionals motivate clients throughout their journeys.

With the right video coaching apps, coaches can improve the way they do business with tools to boost their efficiency, simplify conversations, and insights for client and business performance.

In the next sections, we’ve listed some of the best video coaching software that can help you engage and motivate your clients while delivering a powerful, professional coaching experience.

3 Platforms & Softwares To Consider

Clients can use video coaching software to upload videos of their progress and learning, allowing coaches to give personalized advice, as well specific tips and techniques.

Courses, tutorials, and standalone visuals are highly effective ways to demonstrate exercises, deliver materials, and train clients through coaching videos. Using custom content, professionals often use specialized platforms to create and share digital courses and programs that are easy for clients to work through at their own pace.

Video coaching software can also be used to upload videos of progress and learning on the client’s side, allowing coaches to give personalized advice and more specific tips and techniques.

Just as with e-therapy, video-conferencing compatibility enables video coaches and their coachees to chat in real-time, without the hassle or travel expense.



TrueCoach Video Coaching SoftwareTrueCoach is designed for fitness, health, and wellness coaches who want to use videos to demonstrate exercises and physical therapy prescriptions for greater clarity and engagement.

TrueCoach users can search the platform’s huge library of over 1,200 videos from one centralized dashboard, and clients can upload their own footage of their performance and progress through a personal portal. This specially designed software for video coaches also comes with real-time messaging, team accounts, email notifications, and generous customizability with regard to interface.

Price$19+ monthly
Good ForWellness Coaching, Health Coaching, Fitness Software, Customer Relationship Management, Video Coaching, Coaching Management



NudgeCoach Video Coaching AppNudge is an incredibly versatile, scalable white-label management and video coaching solution for health and wellness coaches, business coaches, life, mental health, and fitness professionals. With CRM features like scheduled messages, group communications, engagement metrics, and challenges, this software offers plenty of possibilities for goal-setting, motivation, and results.

Designed with health coaches in mind, Nudge includes specialized tools for fitness planning, dietary and nutrition software, and practice and client reporting capabilities all in one tool. For video coaches, Zoom compatibility makes Nudge a great option for recording and evaluating performance and progress.

Price$25+ monthly
Good ForBusiness Coaching, Mental Health Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Life Coaching, Fitness Software, Customer Relationship Management, Video Coaching, Coaching Management



Thinkific Video Coaching SoftwareThinkific features are cleverly developed for coaches who want to design and teach custom courses through video. Simply create, upload, and your own multimedia into a course format that suits your clientele, then use Thinkific to embed the material into your own site and share it with coachees.

With this platform, video coaches can develop promotional courses or offer their developed content professionally. Thinkific offers tiered pricing based on different video coaching features and is incredibly flexible for trainers, business coaches, and all kinds of professionals.

Price$39+ monthly
Good ForBusiness Coaching, Mental Health Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Life Coaching, Video Coaching

Top 3 Apps For Your Sessions

Not all video coaching platforms come with inbuilt software for live sessions, and you may have your own preferred program for meeting with clients. CoachAccountable, DoTimely, and web and mobile coaching apps offer different features to meet varied needs.

CoachAccountable, for example, is perfect for coaches who want all the admin essentials plus Zoom integration, while DoTimely allows all your online bookings to be made on your mobile.



CouchAccountable Video CoachingCoachAccountable’s features include everything from essential office administration functions to interactive group discussions, whiteboards, drip feeds of your coaching content, and file-sharing through dedicated client portals. Using the software, online coaches can assign actions to clients, make notes, create and share, set and monitor metrics, and build engagement between appointments.

Day-to-day tasks such as billing and multimedia uploads are impossible to forget, as CoachAccountable syncs with all popular calendars to give you reminders and notifications. The app provides an overview of your coaching performance metrics, and clients can request or book sessions online.

Price$20+ monthly
Good ForCoaching Management, Client Engagement, Video Coaching



Coaches Console Video Coaching AppCourse creation, delivery, and client communication are all made simple with Coaches Console, which comes equipped with lesson building, home study program creation, and even content branding features.

Coaches can use this software to design and manage teleclasses for both groups and individuals, and Coaches Console even offers enrollment management and participation monitoring tools. While it comes at a slightly higher price than many of its competitors, this app includes a suite of coaching management basics such as calendars, a website builder, and client agreements.

NameCoaches Console
Price$147+ monthly
Good ForCoaching Management, Client Engagement, Customer Relationship Management, Video Coaching



DoTimely Video Coaching AppWeb platform DoTimely offers mobile apps for different features, such as DoTimely Billing for payment processing. Recurring bills, appointment scheduling, and new client intakes.

Through its Client App interface, customers can request and book sessions, and DoTimely offers secure messaging tools to boost motivation through private chats. If you’re running a larger coaching practice, this app has multi-coach calendars, custom rates, and more.

PriceFree+ monthly
Good ForCoaching Management, Client Engagement, Customer Relationship Management, Video Coaching

Our 3 Favorite Video Coaching Tools

When it comes to managing recommendations, memberships, invoices, reports, and payments, coaching management tools can be indispensable. With the right combination of features and integrations, video coaches can grow their brand, tap into new markets, and help their clients reach their goals more easily.

As well as software that allows for videos on coaching, these are some coaching tools that may help you enhance your effectiveness while solving common pain points most online professionals will be familiar with.



Satori Life Video Coaching ToolsCalendar management, client support, invoicing, reporting, and engagement features are all part of Satori’s intuitive suite for coaches. This white-label platform offers full brand-ability and marketing capabilities such as feedback forms, lead management tools, automated emails, and sales insights for proactive business growth.

Coaches can also use the platform’s video coaching tools to compile and share courses, process online bookings, receive payments, and collect testimonials. It offers fully customizable landing page design options and a client portal for new members. Satori is a useful tool for group coaches and has an easy-to-use, attractive interface for first-time users.

Price$33+ monthly
Good ForCoaching Management, Practice Management, Customer Relationship Management



CoachCatalyst Video Coaching ToolsWith metrics, insights, and intelligence for accountability and progress, CoachCatalyst is a tool to help you keep your clients on track.

A handy tool for video coaching is the software’s content library, which simplifies research and compilation when designing courses for clients. Real-time messaging allows for synchronized communications, and CoachCatalyst offers plenty of flexibility to customize your virtual presence.

Price$39+ monthly
Good ForCoaching Management, Practice Management, Client Communications, Customer Relationship Management



Loom Video Coaching ToolsLoom is a simple but free and powerful cloud-based software for recording and sharing videos digitally with coachees. A helpful way to communicate, as well as demonstrate and teach; this software supports multiple videos for each client, as well as screen-sharing capabilities.

For larger coaching practices, Loom offers a way to communicate quickly within your team, and if you’re only planning to send a few quick videos, this solution offers a free version that’s perfect for the job.

PriceFree+ monthly
Good ForClient Communications, Customer Relationship Management, Client Engagement

Final Thoughts

Over the past ten years, coaching has evolved hugely – what was once a purely face-to-face experience can now be delivered remotely without sacrificing effectiveness or engagement.

Through videos on coaching and live online meetings, professionals everywhere enrich their client’s learning while customizing top-in-class content to create bespoke programs that cater to their styles, pace, and preferences.

If you’ve used or recommend any of the video coaching software in our article today, do leave a comment for your fellow coaches.

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