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Video Therapy: What Is It, And Does It Work?

While millions are impacted by mental health issues each year, figures continue to show that a large proportion of US adults don’t receive any treatment.[14] In 2018, fewer than 50%…
what is e-health

The Top 5 Therapy Software Solutions in 2020

Blended care platforms, therapy software solutions, and integrated e-therapy systems are expected to significantly change, improve the way modern mental health practitioners deliver virtual care. [84] From more robust systems…
Psychotherapy Apps

5 Best Psychotherapy Apps for Billing and Software

Running a mental health practice involves a whole lot more than simply delivering treatments. While blended care solutions such as mobile health apps, video therapy tech, and electronic health records…

What is Teletherapy? Everything You Need To Know

Do you want to receive mental health treatment that’s more flexible, convenient, and cost-effective? Or are you a practitioner looking to grow your practice, cut your wait times, and reach…
Mobile Therapy

What Is Mobile Therapy And How Does It Work?

With an estimated 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, it’s not surprising that mobile therapy has begun to gain significant traction as a means of managing mental health. Each month, more…
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How to Foster Client Engagement in Therapy

Client engagement is a very essential, but often challenging part of an effective therapeutic process. And it’s fast becoming an increasing focus for psychology researchers like the National Alliance on…

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