Blended care is an inevitable extension and an optimizing expansion of the practice of psychology, be it therapy or coaching, and not a mere response to the need for convenience and cost-saving.

Technology-supported care is about using web-based and mobile technology to increase client engagement and to gamify health care so it seamlessly fits into the rest of our technology-driven lives. We can benefit from this inevitable transition and make the healing process fun and engaging while still leaving the human presence in the interactions by combining technology with traditional forms of practice.

Blended care that combines in-person sessions with online components allows for a new level of client-centered service that fits all too well into our clients’ technology-driven lives.

Today both clinicians and coaches alike are adding virtual components to their provision of services to enhance the outcomes for their clients. Well-executed and individualized therapy treatment plans and coaching packages that give autonomy through self-paced on-line modules and frequent feedback and support between in-person sessions through mobile apps are increasingly showing greater levels of client engagement.

Blended care can be a handshake between technology and client-centered practice where practitioners are just as excited about making a greater difference in their clients’ lives as they are about scaling their practice for the future.

Our review of the current state of blended care shows precisely that and calls for standardization of practice across disciplines.

For specific dos and don’ts and the latest in the technology of therapy, check out our blog.

Blended is slowly becoming the new standard of client-centered therapy where the clients choose how, when, and where so their needs are adequately met.

Our Guide to Blended Care is the best place to start. Followed by the Fit For Blended Care Assessment to help design an appropriate blended treatment.



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